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WiseGirl | Feel Your Way To Beautiful.
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16 Apr Feel Your Way To Beautiful.

We are Born Beautiful.

It’s hard to say when it may have started. You could have been 8 years old and told you were ugly by a classmate at recess. Or you may have been insecure as a teenager and started comparing yourself to the popular and pretty girls in your high school, or as an adult —skimming through the glossy pages of Vogue wishing you looked like the airbrushed beauties that adorned every page.

    • How is it that you became to see your beautiful self as so ugly, so tired, not enough, smaller than life?
    • Why is it that when you get together with your girlfriends you focus on the parts of yourself you don’t like or you wish were different?
    • Why is it incredibly simple to be so self critical? So judgmental?


You may never really know the answer to these questions and maybe the truth is —you don’t need to. What you need to do is change your self talk, right here right now. Walk over to a mirror and take a good, long look at your self. There is so much beauty there, so much to offer the world. You are so incredible and unique and have beautiful gifts and talents. Deep down inside you know this! You know you were born beautiful!


Speak out loud to yourself how you would like to be seen. How you would like others to describe you. Focus on the things you love about your face and body. Make a pact with your girlfriends to no longer self deprecate with each other AND HONOR THAT. When negative self talk squirms it’s way into your habitual conversations, STOP YOURSELF and help your friends do the same.

You don’t need to substitute a negative with a positive, that won’t make you feel any better and in fact probably worse. You only need to do one thing —just. stop. talking.

Thoughts are things and the Laws of the Universe are bringing you more of what you are thinking about, whether you believe it or not —and so wouldn’t you rather it be the most beautiful things? It’s just as easy to say something good about your self, than to say something bad. The point is to FEEL good when you speak of your self. It takes a little practice but it’s not going to make you feel any better if you stand in front of the mirror and say “I’m beautiful” when your envying the photo shopped sexy model on the cover of Cosmo. Look at your self and say ” Ya know? I have really beautiful eyes. I’ve been told they sparkle when I smile and today maybe Ill smile a little more”.

That’s it. That’s the work. That’s all you need to focus on today. When a negative self comment wants to bellow from your lips, just remember your daily mantra and feel yourself shift within.

How can you maintain this good feeling?

 >> Everyday find a new beautiful aspect about yourself to focus on and in no time at all, you will be able to feel your way back to beautiful.

This moving video brought tears to my eyes as I watched it. A sketch artist composed pictures of several women based on how they described themselves and then how others described them —the results we’re astonishing.

Does this strike a nerve? It’s meant to.

How are you going to make a change on your self talk today? Please leave your comments below and share with the rest of us. We could all use a little inspiration!


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  • Wise Girl
    Posted at 18:37h, 17 April

    Yes Allison! It’s all about loving ourselves for who we are — wrinkles and all! I think as long as we feel beautiful inside and appreciate who we are, we will age beautifully:)

  • Alison Fairbanks
    Posted at 14:51h, 17 April

    Thanks for this, Lorri! Somewhere in my 40s, I found my inner strength and self acceptance. Now, as my face and body show signs of age, I’m re-engaging with my outer image. So yes–your post struck a nerve for sure! I will never be a teenage beauty again (something I never thought I was in the first place), but I can damn-well be a stunning mid-life beauty, wrinkles, cellulite and all!!

  • Hilary
    Posted at 06:37h, 16 April

    Lorri –

    Thank you so much for posting your thoughts and the amazing video! Just what I needed to hear this morning.

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