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Recently, my company Greenbody Greenplanet was able to take a survey of over 200 consumers at a local event we were participating in. We gave away our Mini Sets in exchange for a 2 minute survey in which we asked people about their hair care habits, needs and wants. After reading through them the other day, I was really surprised with some of the answers I received. One in particular.

Being able to have one on one conversations with a customer is one of the things I miss most about owning my salon. It always felt so good to help customers through their hair struggles and offer some solutions. Nowadays, I rely mostly on online communication and so talking to people face to face about their hair care issues was refreshing.

What did I learn?

I was surprised to find out that many women have stopped shampooing their hair!

Not forever of course, but out of 200 surveys 60% of them said they only shampoo their hair once or twice a week. And out of that 60%  —20% only shampoo every 2-3 weeks.

Now there were many reasons for why this is, such as wanting to make a color last (think red:) but out of that 60% more than half said it was because they didn’t like the chemical ingredients in hair products. They were concerned about the potential health risks from repeated use and figured the best way to eliminate them is to, well, simply eliminate them!

Most said they just wet their hair down every day (or every other), some were trying out dry shampoos (but were still more concerned with the chemicals in them as well) and some were using just a plain Castille soap! Ouch!

They explained to me how they missed the feeling of “cleanliness” and felt their hair wasn’t as manageable. Some felt it made it oilier, some felt there was a ‘build-up’, some felt eliminating shampoos gave them more ‘fly aways’ —some just wore a hat.


YOU CAN START WASHING YOUR HAIR AGAIN!We would like to tell you something……

You don’t have to deprive yourself anymore. You don’t have to sacrifice your shampoo for your health —and you do have permission to…


There are options available to you and using high quality, natural and organic ingredients such as those found in Greenbody Greenplanet products will allow you to have that wonderfully clean-feeling, soft and manageable hair —sans chemicals.

Oh, to have those Good Hair Days again! Glistening in the sun rather than hiding under a hat!

  • Have you quit shampooing your hair because of your concern of chemicals?
  • If you received our samples at the event, how did you feel about them?
  • Have you had a health crisis that has changed your thoughts on chemicals in beauty products?

I would love to hear your voice! Leave us a message below and let us know what has changed for you, if you are still struggling or what solutions you have found!

—with ecoBEAUTY + toxinFREE love,

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2 Thoughts on “You Can Start Washing Your Hair Again.

  1. I’ve made lots of changes to my routine since going clean a few years ago (I thought I was clean before but had to learn a few things!). There have been many product changes (to much better performing clean products, btw), but the main issue was eliminating the things I’ve found I’m sensitive to. This includes certain preservatives like parabens and phenoxyethanol, sudsing agents like SLS (don’t forget your toothpaste!), synthetic fragrance, gluten, and even some essential oils. GBGP is far and away the best unscented shampoo/conditioner, and was a beauty-routine-saving find for me. I simply don’t want to be part of the “no poo” movement, and there’s really no reason to be with great brands like GBGP around. I shampoo every few days, but I get my hair wet and massage my scalp with conditioner every day. I use the Revitalizing Conditioner as a leave-in too. My thick and previously dry and unruly hair loves it.

    • Thanks Rebecca! Yes, lots of things have changed over the years (thankfully!) and it’s great you’ve found your “triggers”. Thanks for your kind words about our products and we’re glad you are shampooing!!

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